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Australia China Film Group (ACFG) is a film & entertainment company based in Sydney and Beijing and is an international bridge to the film industry in Mainland China and Australia. Founded in February 2016 by Zon Shih and Benny Sun, who both are of Chinese decent and grew up living in Australia, with a track record of doing business and productions in China and in Australia, ACFG is a company resourced with strong industry partners and connections in the film and TV industry in Asia, China and Australia with a focus to producing and developing films, web and TV content for the International and Chinese market. ACFG is a company that creates more possibilities for collaborations and new films for both China, Australia and the world.

中澳影业成立于2016年2月,由专业电影基金管理团队(Benny Sun为首)以及澳大利亚著名制片人(Zon Shih)共同创立,主力为电影项目开发、影视相关投资、制作、招商、国际教育等,更因两人为澳洲成长的华人,中澳影业拥有多元文化的背景的专业团队,并受到澳大利亚新南威尔士(悉尼)、昆士兰(黄金海岸)州政府的全力支持及重视。

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